Easycoms Wireless Internet

Terms and Conditions

  1.   EASYCOMS establishes a communication link between the CLIENT Premises Equipment (CPE) and the EASYCOMS network and all services are delivered via this link and through EasyComs' licensed network The service connection is available 24-hours per day. We endeavour to provide advance warning of any expected maintenance or other issues expected to cause outages or interruptions in service. Should network service be affected by extreme weather, hardware breakdowns or other unexpected reasons, we will respond as soon as it is safe to attend to any problems. In such circumstances we send alerts by sms with expected resolution time where this is possible.

  2. The EASYCOMS service is considered to be working and delivered if internet is available from the LAN cable of the CPE equipment installed.

  3. End-user support does not include training on your devices. Our support may be able to assist, but our main focus is on maintaining the network. Users must enroll for whatever training or knowledge bases online or offline as may be required for you to most effectively run your own devices, software and online services. This includes use of software, email and general operation of any devices and related hardware & software. Where EASYCOMS assists clients, it does so in good faith and makes no warranties or guarantees whatsoever. Such help in no way obliges EASYCOMS to continue providing such support or assistance. Nevertheless, where the service provider assists, it is entitled to charge for time & materials at its standard rates and at its own discretion for such assistance.

  4. Where incorrect operation causes faults that have to be corrected by specialists, these services are charged at the rates applicable to that service or specialist. Wherever possible, we provide remote telephonic support which may include being able to access devices via the network to resolve issues such as wifi password setting etc

  5. The CLIENT agrees to access via the EASYCOMS network under the technical conditions pertaining to the subscription package chosen. Standard packages can be viewed online by clicking on the internet access application form on our home page and then open the downloadable PDF version.

  6. Users can opt in for telephone services and extra email addresses.

  7. The service provider is able to source our standard and approved range of equipment. Upon ordering equipment, the client is expected to pay our list prices for the equipment plus courier charges.

  8. Monthly fees are in advance of each month and must appear in our bank statement before the 1st day of each month. Unpaid accounts are automatically suspended, after which an admin charge is applied for manually restarting the service.

    1. We have taken steps to comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).
    2. Our service agreements are for 12 months.
    3. The Act ( CPA ) allows customers to cancel their agreement with 20 working days written notice of cancellation, at any time during the term of the agreement.
    4. Where an agreement is terminated before the full term of the agreement, we are entitled to recover 'reasonable' costs incurred in providing that service on a pro-rata basis.
    5. We deem the cost to be 20% of the balance of the initial 12 month period when cancelled.

  10. Where additional end-user equipment or services are provided for a client, the contract is strictly between the client and the third party service provider. Such additional work is entirely separate from the EASYCOMS service and the contract for this additional work is between the client and the third-party service provider. No disputes regarding third-party services will be entered into by EASYCOMS whatsoever. We recommend, that signed orders be secured by installers. Any requests for additional installs, equipment or work on site must be in writing ( email does qualify )

  11. All equipment sold by EasyComs is covered by the suppliers warranty. Where a unit needs to be assessed under warranty, we may install a loan unit while the clients equipment is sent to the supplier for evaluation, repair & report-back. Equipment needing to be replaced and which is not covered by the manufacturers warranty is charged for at our list prices. The client is responsible for insuring their own equipment. We do sell spike protectors, but any damage to client equipment or property after installation is solely for the clients account. The client agrees that EASYCOMS is not responsible for any equipment failure or any damages once the service has been activated.

  12. EASYCOMS gives no express or implied guarantees with regard to our services besides the ones laid out in this contract.

  13. The use of information and other services on the EASYCOMS network is at the client’s own risk. EASYCOMS assumes no responsibility for the quality or reliability of any data or information accessed via EASYCOMS network.

  14. EASYCOMS network may not be used for the transmission of material that violates any current law and/or any associated regulations.
    No content or information that may be considered as prejudicial to third parties may be published or distributed on the EASYCOMS network.

  15. The CLIENT will accept all consequences of their own activities over the EASYCOMS network. The CLIENT indemnifies EASYCOMS and its employees & contractors against all liabilities, claims, costs and expenses of whatsoever nature arising directly or indirectly from user activities.

  16. E-mail attachments larger than 10MB are blocked to avoid network congestion. EASYCOMS network security automatically quarantines e-mails that have double-barrelled file extension attachments. EASYCOMS does not allow attachments with double-barrelled file extensions to enter or leave our network because such files are well-known to hide nasty viruses.
    Please educate your users and anyone sending you email NOT to use/send filenames with double-barrelled extensions.
    The proper file naming convention for attachments to e-mail should be either "document.doc" or "document.rtf" and never "document.doc.rtf. E-mail's with more than 15 recipients will be blocked as spam. Newsletters should be sent using one of the numerous newsletter services available online. We have a no-spam policy and any form of spam and clients found to be sending or relaying spam may be disconnected. Whilst EASYCOMS network includes anti-virus and anti-spam measures, clients are nevertheless responsible for taking steps to protect themselves from malware.

  17. Where EASYCOMS picks up and reports a virus outbreak to a client, that client agrees and is expected to, promptly and effectively eradicate the virus outbreak. We block clients email when virus attacks are repetitive, cause e-mail spam, generate virus-related traffic, or where network security is deemed to be threatened. After a malware-related suspension, and before reactivation, EasyComs may require certification from an expert of all virus-related activity being eradicated.

  18. Access to other networks and services via the EASYCOMS network must conform to the rules governing access to these services, e.g. UseNet, Newsgroups, etc.

  19. A CLIENT may not grant access to EASYCOMS access to third parties. On-selling of any EasyComs services is strictly prohibited.

  20. Any changes to the rules regarding use of the EASYCOMS network will be publihed on the EASYCOMS web page www.easycoms.co.za

  21. EASYCOMS reserves the right to manage any technical parameters and/or rules of the packages as part of its network management.

  22.  All equipment installed by EASYCOMS at a CLIENT premises is managed solely by EASYCOMS as it forms part and parcel of the managed network.

  23. The CLIENT undertakes to keep all the equipment that EASYCOMS installs at CLIENT premises on and running to enable remote management thereof.

  24. EASYCOMS requires reasonable access to client premises for EASYCOMS personnel to repair/replace/reset any equipment.

  25. EASYCOMS is the only entity authorized to provide technical maintenance on the equipment installed at the CLIENT premises.
    No modification or re-configuration by any other party including the client is allowed, and would immediately void any remaining warranty.

  26. EASYCOMS will, where possible, inform it's CLIENT in advance of any scheduled maintenance that may interrupt service.
    Notifices are sent by e-mail or sms to the clients registered contact details on file.

  27. Installation costs are non-refundable. Where equipment must be removed, the equipment must be un-installed by an EASYCOMS technician.

  28. The CLIENT undertakes to ensure that monthly fees are made in time to reflect in EasyComs bank statement before the 1st of each month. The service is provided is a best-effort service as we are unable to predict contention ratios and is on a continuous basis and no credits or offsets will be applied. Holiday-stops can be requested by email when a client is away for a set period.

  29. The EASYCOMS casual subscriptions are prepaid and expire automatically and credit is exhausted.

  30. DISPUTE AND TERMINATION BY EITHER PARTY. Both parties agree to avoid any litigation. EITHER party is entitled to terminate the agreement to/from the other without prejudice by giving 20 days email notice of the intent to terminate service. Where EasyComs decides for whatever reason to terminate service to a client, this is emailed to the registered email address of the client.

  31. WAIVER OF LEGAL COSTS Should any legal costs arise, they remain solely for the initiating parties account. EasyComs will not respond to legal threats. If forced into legal defense, it will require that the other party lodges a deposit for the estimated total costs of the anticipated action, and every client hereby agrees to this condition when they sign up for service.

  32. EASYCOMS will undertake all reasonable measures to facilitate minimum downtime of the service provided to the CLIENT, and maintain a competent support staff and field-service partners to assist the CLIENT. The clients is responsible for advising EASYCOMS of any problems by email OR can call to 028 754 6222 if there are any service problems requiring attention.
    All reports must be reduced to email and any corrective action by EASYCOMS staff will be attached in subsequent emails.

  33. Notwithstanding the aforesaid terms, EASYCOMS will not be liable to client or any other person/entity as regards any loss or damage caused by or arising from the interruption and/or unavailability of the service howsoever arising. No credits are claimable for service interruptions nor is a refund payable where clients choose to cancel service for whatever reason.

  34. No CLIENT or any other party will have any claim against EASYCOMS howsoever arising for damages whatsoever.

  35. The service agreement, read together with these terms and conditions and any other applicable limitations or terms published on this site, and along with the AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy ) constitute the sole record of the service agreement between the customer and the service provider:

    1. No party shall be bound by any representation, warranty, promise or the like not recorded herein.

    2. Variations of terms and conditions affecting this agreement will be published on this webpage.

    3. No extension of time or indulgence which the service provider may grant to the customer shall constitute a waiver of any of the rights of the service provider.

    4. The CLIENT chooses their registered email address for the purpose of giving any notice.

  36. Breach of Fair Use Rules by any user
    1. Since Covid and government caused the extreme lock-down, we have seen demand for bandwidth make it the most scarce and valuable of business resources.

    2. Where a users usage exceeds the FUP it is considered to be excessive. The account will be soft-capped.

    3. Where we encounter any user that refuses to control users on their account, or who fails to have infected devices cleaned that cause excessive usage, we reserve the right to soft-cap the service to protect
      other users - AND to terminate their service. i.e. we will deny further service.

    4. To repeat - where other users services are being affected by a rogue user drawing excessive bandwidth, we prefer not to continue service.

    5. Similarly, where a user chooses to behave in a way that causes us unnecessary admin in trying to resolve any issue - and where their behavior is seem by us to have become abusive, we treat that as acting
      in bad faith. We do not tolerate abuse and will firmly act to stop it as early as possible.

    6. Clients threatening to cancel service after they have so abused our service will be treated as rogue clients and we have no interest in continuing to serve them.

    7. As stated under our terms, which clients agree to upon signing-up with us, we enter into no further correspondence, and will reject any attempts that may be aimed at co-ercing us or forcing us to continue
      supporting such acts of bad faith.

    8. We are under no obligation to provide service to any user - and we will exercise our right of refusal and terminate the relationship.

    9. Once such a decision is made to terminate a service, no further correspondence will be entered into.

    10. We value our relationship with our customers, but where the relationship has been damaged, we consider it terminal and will close the account and the relationship.